Programs and Prices For Butte and Glenn County


12-Hour Wet and Reckless Freedom Program

Requirements include 6 education classes at 2 hours each and one individual session. This program is $310.00

3-month DUI Freedom Program

This program requires 6-two hour education programs, 9 -two hour group sessions and 3 individual counseling sessions. $625.00

6-month DUI Freedom Program

The 6-month program requires 6-two hour education session, 16 two- hour group sessions, and 4 individual sessions of 15 minutes each. $882.00

9-month DUI Freedom Program

The 9-month program requires 6-two hours education sessions, 22 two hour group sessions, and 21 individual sessions of 15 minutes each. $1445.00

18-month DUI Freedom Program

The requirements for this program are 6-two hour education sessions, 26-two hour group sessions and 216individual sessions of 15 minutes each and 6 re-entry groups of 1 hour each.  $1808.00

30-month DUI Freedom Program

The 30 month program is a combination of Education classes, group process sessions and individual sessions. This program includes monitoring of required community service and with some individuals, court or probation monitoring. $2975.00