Prevention Education Freedom Programs


12-Hour Wet Reckless Freedom Program

"Very easy for me, and others should give it a try."  G.K.

3-month DUI Freedom Program

"The staff was professional, understanding, and very helpful." A.S.

"It made me think about how my DUI affected me and my family." R.B.

6-month DUI Freedom Program

"Wednesday night was fun. our counselor brought laughter and optimism to the group." V.A.

9-month DUI Freedom Program

"The staff gave a true sense of not wanting us to get another DUI. PEP has always been helpful." B.W.

18 & 30 month DUI Freedom Programs

"Thank you for taking the time to take me seriously. I didn't feel judged for coming back a second time." M.C.

"At first it was overwhelming but with the help and support of the staff I was able to take it one step at a time. S.S.

Success Stories


Everyone deserves a second chance!

"After the worst experience of my life I found myself at PEP in the 30 month program.  The program supported me in getting sober, going to school, and meeting my court requirements. By the time I graduated from the program I was newly and happily married! I loved my counselors and the office staff were really helpful." E.G.


We work together for change!

"I was isolated and alone before I came to the program at PEP. I wasn't sure what to expect from the groups.  What was most helpful was speaking to one another, sharing experiences and thoughts. My counselor was very passionate and the frontr office went  out of their way to facilitate my successful completion. I learned that I didn't have to do it alone." Y.V.